Do Leopards Change Their Spots? Or Do They Just Diguise Them? By Emma Durrant

Do Leopards Change Their Spots? Or Do They Just Disguise Them? - The Distressed Giraffe Collection Abstract Art

Emma Durrant Art & Design
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This piece is part of Emma Durrant Abstract Art “ The Distressed Giraffe Collection” all the paintings based on a giraffe print pattern, created to represent mental health issues and some of the emotions that every human being, experiences during their lifetime including Anxiety, depression, heartbreak, betrayal, loneliness but there is also pieces in the collection encouraging positive thinking. This piece is a darker piece again about the betrayal and someone pretending to be something they aren’t. Emma has had personal experience in her life as many people in this world has being tricked by someone and this hurt her but also made her stronger. We learn from lessons of life. Don’t always believe what you see.