Artistically Painted Wedding and Event Flowers


Artistically Painted Flowers by Emma Durrant -



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Are you looking for Flowers for your wedding or event but want something a bit different?

Emma is just about to start her new venture of 2023 - Artistic Artificial Flowers- These are real feel Artificial flowers they are handmade arrangements and put together for weddings and events.

Who are Emma's clients? 

Emma's clients are people who require something a little more extravagant and luxurious for their special day or event.

These real feel flowers are painted in an artistic way using a variety of paint media. 

Emma is an Abstract Artist and had this idea for her own wedding and since then Emma has been in undated with requests so decided to add it to her business.

Emma creates Displays, Table Decorations, Bouquets, Button Holes, made from a range of artificial flowers, succulents, Feathers, Pampas Grass and much more.

Why Choose Artificial Flowers?  You don't need to worry about your flowers needing water or looking tired or dead by the end of the day.

Also you don't need to worry about your flowers looking like anything anyone else has ever had!

Emma will work with you to make your dream a reality. But also create you a work of art you never thought was possible!

She will work with you to try and stick within your budget, but if you don't have a price cap for you flowers that's even better! the bigger the better Emma says. 

Please contact Emma via the contact page to discuss your needs.