Emma Durrant Abstract Art -Bespoke Artwork for Everyone- £35.00











Presenting Small Bespoke Trio of Frames by Emma Durrant Abstract Art. 
These frames come as a trio all different sizes for the modern fresh look, they are a deep box shape with real glass. 
The Trio Frame size specifications:
  • Largest frame 6" x 8"
  • Medium frame 5"x 7"
  • Smallest frame 4"x 6".
Emma Durrant Abstract Art Digital Artwork With Colour Scheme Of Your Choice.
It's as simple as this:
1) Send us a photo or two of your chosen colour scheme via email edurrant@icloud.com.
2) The Photo Can be of anything for example...
  • Your wallpaper
  • Your carpet
  • Your sofa
However it doesn't have to be any of the above, it can be anything as long as the team can scan the colours from your photos we can create your perfect colour scheme artwork. So whatever photo you want to send us is perfectly ok.

3) We will then design your artwork using your colours, once designed we will email you to your chosen email address, one set of watermarked proofs just for you to see how your artwork looks and if there is any slight changes you require.

4) That is it!! How easy is that ? 

Many of our customers often say, they can never find the exact colours in artwork that perfectly match their rooms colour scheme.

So here at Emma Durrant Abstract Art we decided to change that, this is the perfect way to buy artwork for that wow factor, that your friends will be jealous of.

Make Your House Happy!

Finally - Your Artwork that is agreed, will be designed, printed on fine art matt card for that fantastic finished look and will be dispatched approximately 3 working days after your order. 
Need more information ?
Then Please Contact Our Team At Emma Durrant Abstract Art Via The Contact Page Or Email Us At edurrant@icloud.com .


Or Wood Effect Grain